• Even though we live in a flat, global world, Europe isn’t China and China isn’t Europe.

    Companies have become so accustomed to the idea of globalisation that some forget all markets are really local.
    Globalisation doesn’t mean that what works in China will work in Europe…

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  • Why cross a river by feeling your way over the stones, when you can use a bridge?

    The father of modern Chinese capitalism Deng Xiaoping said that China should ‘cross the river by feeling the stones’: to take one step at a time slowly and carefully…

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  • Set yourself up to win in your market before fighting the competitive battle.

    Chinese companies often enter Europe assuming it is a homogenous, single market and that Chinese products (which may sell well in China) are equally suited to all European countries…

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  • Know yourself and be prepared to adapt your identity to build appeal, respect and trust.

    In the same way that Chinese products may require adaptation to match the tastes and preferences of European customers, so may company and brand identities. Simply transplanting a company from China to Europe and hoping Europeans understand who they are and what they stand for is unrealistic. …
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  • Continuous communication makes you known and builds relationships with customers and stakeholders.

    Most Chinese companies entering Europe either do too little communication or don’t communicate very well. It is unfortunate because communication serves a company’s bottom line in two ways…

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  • Great design and a faultless product experience are the keys to winning customer hearts and minds.

    While research insights drive the rationale for a company’s marketing strategy, superb design triggers the consumer’s emotional response, encouraging them to buy products. Design differentiates a company …

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  • Customers will buy only if they can access products when and where they want: the gateway to customers is sales and distribution.

    Making Chinese products accessible to European customers relies on efficient sales and distribution. No marketing strategy is complete without a sales and distribution model…

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  • Our aim is to make CEMS 360° the preferred partner of choice for Chinese companies that want to enter, grow, and succeed in Europe.

    We want Chinese companies and their brands to become success stories in Europe…

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Many Chinese companies setting up business in Europe overlook the importance of marketing, branding and communication in helping them to become profitable.It’s been estimated that some 60 percent of Chinese SMEs fail or underperform because they haven’t understood that Europe consists of multiple markets and consumer segments. Customer motivations, attitudes, buying and brand preferences – and how your product and communication appeals to them – drive consideration, trial, sales and repeat purchase.

“The West was way more difficult than we had ever imagined”
Great Wall Motor Co.
“My biggest challenge in the
Western marketplace is to make sure people understand who we are”

“Our development strategy is based on a deep understanding of our customers”
“To have higher market share, you need to have a brand”
Understand your markets, competitors, and customers.
Make sure you derive the correct research insights, including risks and opportunities, as well as your unique competitive advantage.
Develop a simple marketing strategy using the most effective and efficient sales, and distribution channels.
Finally, execute the strategy flawlessly, and be ready to adapt it when market
conditions change.