Your partner in China and Europe

CEMS means China-Europe Marketing Services.

The 360° in our name symbolizes the East-West direction of our Chinese clients’ services and products. But because we also assist European companies to find business partners and opportunities in China, CEMS facilitates a flow of goods and services in a ‘virtuous’ 360° circle.

Our core business is to provide Chinese companies that want to sell their products and services in Europe with:

  • sound strategic marketing advice and customer insights based on market research
  • ‘hands-on’ operational support to help you manage your day-to-day marketing activities
  • creation of design and communication tools to promote your brand and marketing

Our strategic advice and ‘hands on’ support consists of research, communication, branding, marketing, product adaptation, sales & distribution management.

Initially, CEMS 360° acts as the ‘bridge’ for Chinese companies who want to reach Europe’s consumers, commercial buyers and distributors, but are unsure of where to start.

Once we’ve helped a client develop their European marketing strategy, we then assist them to build a permanent, successful marketing presence in Europe.

CEMS has representative offices the Netherlands and China. They work closely together on behalf of our Chinese clients. The CEMS 360° management team consists of multi-lingual partners speaking Mandarin, English, Dutch, French and German.


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Maximising opportunities; Minimising risks

Even though the EU appears to be a single, easily accessible market, it is more complex than that. The EU is made up of 27 countries, each with their own business culture and language.

There are many EU regulations governing products and services. The way business negotiations are conducted varies in each country. Consumer perceptions, preferences and tastes across the EU are very different too.

This kind of complexity poses risks – potential pitfalls of business strategy, culture, and language – as well as opportunities for Chinese companies.

CEMS 360° reduces the risks by offering our Chinese business clients a portfolio of marketing services, enabling clients to take sound business and marketing decisions on the best way to enter a European market, establish the business, communicate with target markets and become successful.

Risk reduction, based on CEMS 360° advice and support, ensures our China-based clients avoid making marketing mistakes that can incur unnecessary costs, dilute investments, create ‘face’ and reputational issues, as well as waste valuable ‘time-to-market’.

As a trusted advisor and partner, CEMS 360° is first and foremost interested in helping our clients succeed in Europe.

We do this by helping you identify the best business opportunities, make the right decisions, and with our ongoing support, implement a marketing strategy relevant to your company, services and products.