Chinese companies entering Europe often do so with little regard to comunication content and channels: how and what they need to communicate about their organisation and products, or which media channels will work best for them.

Aside from the need to communicate in at least some of the 27 EU languages, it is essential for Chinese companies to know the type of key messages that will appeal to European customers and how to differentiate those messages from the communication ‘noise’ made by competitors.

Europe offers multiple communication channels : online and offline, new and traditional media.

Choosing the right media channels to promote your company and products should be an integral part of a professionally-created communication strategy. Such a managed strategy makes sure your marketing messages are consistent – across all media – with the brand positioning of your company and its products.

A communication strategy ensures your budget goes further in reaching the right target consumer groups.

CEMS 360° develops cost-effective communication strategies that usually incorporate a mix of owned, paid and earned media channels, both digital (online) and traditional (offline):

  • Owned media: company website, mobile sites, blogs, Twitter / Facebook / Google+
  • Paid media: public relations, paid search, sponsorships, advertising, point-of-sale
  • Earned media: social media transmission: word-of-mouth, buzz, and viral

Just as important, using your market positioning and brand identity, we create your key messages while sharpening the communication clarity of your value proposition.

To help get you started, we can manage media planning, bookings and buying and oversee the launch of your communication strategy and plans.