1. Even though we live in a flat, global world, Europe isn’t China and China isn’t Europe.

Companies have become so accustomed to the idea of globalisation that some forget all markets are really local. Globalisation doesn’t mean that what works in China will work in Europe,

and marketing that works in France may not work in Germany, Sweden, Spain, or the U.K. Localisation is just as – if not more – important for Chinese products in Europe as it is for Western products in China. ‘No matter where you go, there you are’ counselled Confucius.

Despite the ease of cross-border transportation and a common customs union, the European region is not really a single market when it comes to marketing; it is actually 27 different countries with a diversity of cultures, languages, and customer segments. We assist Chinese companies in Europe by helping them adapt their products to European standards and customer expectations, and devising a marketing strategy for the region and each EU country.
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