4. Know yourself and be prepared to adapt your identity to build appeal, respect and trust.

In the same way that Chinese products may require adaptation to match the tastes and preferences of European customers, so may company and brand identities. Simply transplanting a company from China to Europe and hoping Europeans understand

who they are and what they stand for is unrealistic. In most cases, to appeal to Western customers and promote trust, a company’s Chinese name, logo, brand identity and product positioning will necessitate a degree of cultural and consumer localisation in Europe, taking care not to lose its Chinese heritage or distinctiveness altogether.

Self-awareness is knowing which of your company characteristics will work in Europe and which ones won’t. To paraphrase Sun Tzu: ‘If you know yourself, and your competitors, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles.’ Sun Tzu’s maxim for success is just as relevant to modern Chinese companies as it was to China’s ancient generals. CEMS 360° provides branding, identity and design services to help Chinese companies gain acceptance, respect and trust with European customers.
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