Our research is designed to provide the information and insights needed to build your European marketing strategy:

  • Which European markets, product categories and customer buying segments should you target?
  • What are the purchase drivers activating buyer preference and behaviour?
  • Who are your competitors and how do they position their brands and products?
  • What is your company and products’ value-added?
  • What pricing strategy should you adopt?
  • What are the most effective sales and marketing channels you should use to reach your target audience?
  • Which sales & distribution model will maximize the ability of customers to buy your products ?

We use a variety of tested research methods, but put simply we have two principal research approaches:

    • Quick Scan: a fast, low-priced research SWOT tool delivering results quickly, often in a matter of days. We use secondary research, data mining and individual interviews with industry experts to obtain decision support information about what, where, when and how you market.
  • Qual-Quan: a robust, more sophisticated mix of statistical and qualitative research methods that involves primary research, data mining, and customer and industry expert interviews. Because of the need to dig deep, and dependent on the number of European markets and their geographic spread, this type of research project takes longer to complete than Quick Scan.

Marketing strategy

By combining the external research results with an understanding of your products and market ambitions CEMS develops strategic insights to maximize your opportunities while minimizing financial, operational and brand risks.

We work rapidly to develop a realistic market positioning and go-to market strategy: that means, one which takes into account opportunities, risks, the resources and time you are prepared to put into its implementation. The strategy objectives have to be ‘do-able’, predicated on successful outcomes and achievable targets. Moreover, to make your marketing strategy workable, we provide a concrete, actionable operating plan that we can help you implement.