Sales and Distribution

A marketing strategy has to deliver results: revenue, volume, profit. For most companies, that’s why they’re in business.

And to get to there – to be effective and make the business successful –your company products have to be accessible to consumers. You have be able to deliver them. This demands a realistic implementation plan embracing sales, logistics and distribution management.

Your marketing strategy will have identified at least one of three basic sales and distribution models, depending on your product category and target buyer:

    1. Ecommerce: the new pure play ‘clicks-only’ online model using a website as a catalogue for showcasing products, order-taking, payment, fulfilment, customer service and after-sales service;
    2. Physical retail: the traditional pure play ‘bricks-only’ offline model using either third party branded, or own branded retail outlets, or direct sales;
    3. Hybrid retail: ‘clicks-and-bricks’ (online and offline) fusing ecommerce with traditional physical retail outlets or direct sales.

As we develop your strategy, CEMS 360° helps you decide which one of these sales models is the right one for your products and customer segments.

The strategy may even recommend a transition from one model to another over a period of time. For example: your initial market entry may be through an ecommerce website, fulfilment and distribution operation. This could evolve into a fully branded-presence in shopping malls, flagship shop or branded retail network.

In addition to developing your marketing strategy , CEMS 360° will provide practical management support in these areas:

  • Sales model: ecommerce, distributors, agents, third-party retailers, own-brand retail support.
  • Sales infrastructure: staff recruitment, sales & product training, after-sales, customer service.
  • Supply-chain: configuration of JIT, import, warehousing, fulfilment .
  • Distribution: order-taking, transportation, delivery, returns.
  • Online ecommerce : website design, metrics, analytic data, optimisation.
  • Offline retail : location, footfall metric assessments, leasing, property negotiation.